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A Universal Platform for Indian Anaesthesiologists


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Get access to the collection of online journals. New journal updated every Month. May 2018 issue of the IJA is available online at www.ijaweb.com

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All ISA Members can join ISA FBF (Family Benevolent Fund) which is the social security scheme managed by ISA to provide financial help to the family of a diseased member.

  • Who we are?

    In the year 1944, the Anaesthesiologists attending a surgical conference at Mumbai (Bombay) thought of forming a common platform for exchange of scientific views, which was consolidated in 1946 following "Ether Day" celebrations in October of that year..

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    All members can download their members certificates and ID cards in this section.Will have to login to be able...

  • President's Message

    I was honoured by your mandate to be the 62nd President of Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists (ISA),during the ISACON 2014 at Madurai. ISA, being anall India professional organisation, represents nearly 15,000 anaesthesiologists, through 26 states...

  • Hon. Secretary's Message

    First of all, let me thank you all for placing faith in me and electing me as Secretary of our Indian Society of Anesthesiologists (ISA) I with my treasurer...

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